Guys color in HTML

Color is a huge issue at my office. Not race or nationalities, but background. As in the background color of an ad being sent to print. Advertising at the Chronicle is dominated by women. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I quite enjoy it. At one of oldest newspapers in the United States, the top sellers in Marketing and Advertising are all women. Warms my heart. The Artists and Graphic Designer at the Ad Hub, however, are mostly men. Here in lies the problem. We see things differently. Literally, see things differently. I’ve always heard that men don’t care about shades and hues, but I didn’t realize that it’s because they may not actually see the difference. Today for instance, we battled back and forth over the color lime green. Lo and I put in an order that required the background color to be Lime Green. What we got was a forest green, a kelly green, chartruese, and some weird yellow color. We argued for hours on end, over the internet about the color.We even went so far as to lookup and send a visual sample. Nope, got it back in emerald, neon and jade. 

 Do men and women really see things so different?

 If we can’t agree on something as simple as a color, how does the rest of our co-existence fair? I wonder if the other things in life that we don’t see eye to eye on are simply misunderstandings rooted in the idea that men just can’t see details the way we can. At first, I truly considered the possibility that he was ridiculously stupid, as we all do, when angry at the opposite sex. Based on his phone call, he thought we were hysterical and overly emotional. This the stuff marriages are made of. Rather than have an argument everyday, I decided to look html codes. From what I understand of men, they think a technically while we, as women, are more creative. My new plan is just to find a html color code that matches what I need and float it to them to keep the peace. In a working relationship, you have to make compromises and work at finding solutions to problems. So rather than complain and becoming a hateful person who is difficult to deal with I have chosen to be proactive and consider the possibility that I may not always be right. I am in this case, but does it matter to be right if you still don’t get what you need? I think its okay to adapt and not rub your “victory” in. Beside, there are tons of friends who you can vent to and find the validation you want. Lesson learned: No matter how obnoxious the issue or wrong the other is, making a huge scene won’t make it/them change. Find a solution that suits everyone and save the bitching for your posse.

The ads still isn’t lime green…in case you were wondering. But, highlighter green was close enough that I let it go. I don’t have all day, you know.

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