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    Aiken for a Polo Match

    A few friends and I spent a lovely Sunday at the historic Whitney Field in Aiken, SC. The Aiken Polo Club is one of the oldest polo clubs in the country, hosting its first match in 1882. I would have to describe polo as “Horse Hockey” because it is a great deal like field hockey…with much higher stakes. We sat along the field for 2 hours as the October sun beat down upon us, dying for a breeze. I now…

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    Teaching English Abroad: My Interview with Hilary Leslie

    Tia taught English abroad during part of her time in the Air Force and now works for a nonprofit along with running a travel blog! Read about her time in South Korea:  1. Where are you from? I’m a military brat, born and raised. I’m from Augusta, Georgia but I call the world my home! I currently live in Charlotte, NC where I work as Business Development Manager for a nonprofit. 2. What made you want to teach abroad? I…

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    Surviving Spring: Raise Your Hand if You’ve Been Personally Victimized By Mother Nature

    Throws hand up so far, it pulls joint out of socket! Spring is here. Yay?! Maybe not. This gal has mixed feelings. Spring brings warm weather. Sometimes. But also rain and showstopping pollen. If you’re traveling to the Southern US this year you may experience hay fever. Which sounds kind of adorable, like someone who can’t get enough of ponies, but the symptoms are not cute, In fact, children raised in the Southern states of the US are more likely…

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    Grand Bohemian: Boutique luxury in downtown avl

    After spending a weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I was smitten with Western North Carolina and ready to spend more time away from hustle and bustle of the financial district here in Charlotte and enjoy some peaceful, friendly living. Despite living in the South for several years and reading countless articles about one of the “Friendliest Cities in the US“, Asheville was a place that somehow stayed under my radar. I’m so embarrassed to admit that I’ve live less than 2…

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  • Diary

    Stray Thoughts on Self Love

    Sometimes it’ll be hard and other days it’ll hurt like hell but the one of the most successful moments you’ll ever have as an adult, is when you learn to take care of you and only you. It’s not selfish, it’s survival. For some of us, being needed and taking care of others gives purpose. But the truth is…when you’ve surrounded yourself with individuals who are constantly needing to be rescued, who’s going to be there to rescue you? Autonomy…

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