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I’m Tia Johnson a luxury travel blogger from Charlotte, North Carolina who has lived and breathed travel since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Or something equally Southern that verbalizes how young I was. Growing up a military brat, I had the privilege of traveling to some amazing places and living an extended amount of time in Germany. I loved it so much that I joined the Air Force and left the country for a few more years (Turkey and S.Korea) before returning to pursue a career outside of the government.

Formerly an media advertising executive, I decided to quit my high pressure career path in 2016 after being laid off from my South Carolina media company and spending 3 weeks traveling in China to clear my head and take a much need break. It was somewhere around the poolside bar of the Ritz Carlton in Sanya or the Nanshan Buddhist temple that I decided to give it up for good and focus on the things that made me happy. Like traveling to gorgeous cities, eating top notch nosh and being pampered in spas, rather than chasing clients around town and explaining how Google scores website.

While I did in fact ditch the media scene (in a manner of speaking), I didn’t quit the workforce. I’m no full time blogger or digital nomad living off my savings. I’d die if I sat at home all day! Rather I traded lifestyle magazines to be the business development manager for a financial education nonprofit. Lower stress, unlimited vacation and lots of writing. Like so much writing! But no work to take home, so that I can chat with you lovelies.

I created Just Her Carryon as a luxury travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to the living a fun and melodic existence while logging frequent flyer miles with just a carryon bag (luggage).  I share travel tips, luxury hotel and product recommendations and destination inspiration. If you are one of the career-oriented millennials who hates the idea of staying in a hostel and skipping out on crazy adventures and the finer things to pitch pennies, you came to the right lady.

I’m going to level with you.

After spending countless nights at 5 start resorts and tasting amazingly decadent dishes over the past few years, I refuse to go back. Life is meant to be experienced.

You are worth more that a bunkbeds and ramen noodles.

You work hard. Clawing you way to the top of your field. Let’s play hard.

Follow me and we’ll be drinking champagne on a beach in Grenada in not time.


Fun Facts:

Favorite trip: China. I spent three weeks in the South Sea and I got to see a more rural countryside. I had a great time discovering authentic foods, touring Buddhist temples and hanging out by the seaside.

I’d like to go to: Morocco. The colorful landscape is one of my must-see bucket items.

I’m obsessed with: Coffee, Broadway and the color green.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

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