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The Just Her Carryon audience is made up of female, college-educated millennials, and professionals between 25-45 interested in cashing in their vacation days.

Our goal is to provide practical but thoughtful travel information that goes well beyond the basics.

Submission Guidelines: In addition to your article and/or photos, please provide a brief bio, photo and links to your website and social pages to: justhercarryon at gmail (dot) com

Currently accepting:

24 Hr Guides to US Cities

Mini-Guides to Southern Cities in the US ( GA, SC, NC, AL, LA,VA, TN)

Posts about Monterrey, Big Sur and Carmel by the Sea, California

Articles or Photos of Yosemite National Park

International Recipes or Cocktails


We are interested in publishing posts and links that we feel will enhance our audience’s understanding of luxury travel destinations, travel planning details, places to stay and see, local cuisine as well as products that would enhance travel or personal lifestyle. General lifestyle pieces that tie into travel like food and drink recipes, home decor or fashion will also be accepted. Posts should not be overly promotional in nature.

Length: We are looking for posts of 500 words or more.

Images: High-res photos, personal photos only for submission. If no photo is provided, I will appropriate photos for illustration.Screenshots welcome referencing a website or social page!

Credit: Please credit all sources, references, facts, and figures.

Point of View: We always like to inject a healthy dose of humor and take a personal point of view. Own your voice!


We are scheduling posts several weeks in advance and will let you know when your post will run.

On the day your post runs, we’ll promote the post several times through our social networks and we encourage you to do the same.

Be sure to monitor your post throughout the day and respond to the comments that other readers leave.

We appreciate your interest and support, and we hope that by becoming a Just Her Carryon guest blogger, you’ll continue to engage with our growing audience of travelers by reading, sharing, and commenting on other posts.

Thanks very much!