Out on the water is where you’ll find me these days. This land-locked, city dweller has tasted the freedom of the sea and refuses to go back. In fact, I think I could sum up all of my 2016 trips with one word: beachy. When Toma told us that a few hours of yachting was on schedule, we vocalized in overwhelming relief. The hustle and bustle of our tour and the hours of editing in the evening, had left us no sufficient time to sit back and just enjoy the scenery.

The second we arrived at the marina, the stress melted away. No responsibilities, just fun and photos. We did some deep sea fishing, kept an eye out for jellyfish, ate some tropical fruits and had a dance party. For the first half at least. The second leg of the trip was the mellowest we’ve been. I even took a nap on the floor inside. The South Sea is extremely choppy and although I’ve never had a problem with sea sickness, there’s a fisrt time for everything.

All ladies on the deck!

Kicking it with the gang. This international group of bloggers were always up for fun and games!

Stray Observations: One of the things that struck me the most on this cruise was how poor the towns along the water seemed. Poor villages were a reoccurring theme on this trip. They were a stark contrast to the yachts on the water and the bevy of 5 star resorts littering the province. One of the hotel GM’s said it best,”first world money, third world behavior.”