You may have noticed I travel just a tad. Enough that I bought a whole site around it. And with that site come a lot of writing. So it makes sense that my laptop is as important an accessory as my camera and suitcase.  And to be honest, I haven’t been having great luck with computers this year.  It’s April and I’m on my third one. To be fair they weren’t exactly new and I’m not a complete tech murderer. My hard-drive on my #1 went capoot when I sat on my bar stool while holding it and the stool broke and collapsed under me. I’m not that fat, my friend’s kid broke it and I wasn’t aware because I spend almost no time in the kitchen. Dead and gone. #2 was the computer I replaced with 1 because it got a virus back in my academic days and was just good for surfing the net. My files were way corrupted and storage nearly non-existent. We were chugging along until the TSA agent in China shook it like a Polaroid and manhandled my blogging livelihood. So now we are on #3 which is a loaner from J that belonged to his mother before she passed. Needless to say, protecting it is my new life goal. If the dog even looks at it too hard, she has to go!

So… I needed a padded, soft carry-on that could handle the size, look cute and not ruin my life! Brookline, FTW. In addition to being a blogger, I’m a very serious business type and I have a day job that requires hours of computer time. All of which is spent in front of, you guessed it, a laptop! Because even at work, I’m a writer. You may have caught my exciting, in depth look at financial educational programs in the workplace.(Yawn.)  Kristin at Lo & Sons was an absolute rockstar and got the bag to me ASAP. She’s far more efficient than me because I’ve had the tote for over two weeks and I’m just now telling you about it. Although I did manage to get a story up on Instagram. Does that count?

First Impressions: The Brookline is available in two colors, black and navy. I, of course, choose the navy because it’s my favorite neutral and Lord knows I’ve got my share of black bags.  The navy bag comes with gold detailing and a fun lavender lining.  The tote includes a padded laptop compartment, pockets for files, notebooks and magazines, and 4 pockets for the smaller items that I always manage to lose in the bottom of my bag. The tote also features a removable hanging medallion, durable easy to grip, leather handles, a removable messenger strap, and a back sleeve for slipping over suitcase handles. True story, I was using this as a pocket for a full week before I realized the zippers on the bottom were made to open and slide onto my roller bag. I’m not traveling this week, so that pocket is holding 2 granola bars and my iPod.

What I Love: This is a great laptop bag for under $200, with a pocket large enough to hold up to a 15″ laptop. In fact, this tote holds a great many things.  I’m also happy to finally have a tote that isn’t black. Someone, somewhere decided that black is the only professional color for women. The water-resistant nylon exterior is my favorite perk at the moment because Charlotte can’t decide if it’s Springtime or flood season. Fantastic for traveling.

What Could Be Better (only slightly): My bag has trouble sitting upright, but I think that’s more about how it was packed in the box. And a padded on the shoulder strap would be next level.

Stray Observations:

  • The website has a real clean and straightforward design. I hate weeding through extra content to find what I’m looking for.
  • Shipping is ridiculously quick. Like lightning.  And ground shipping to the US is FREE
  • There’s another company with a tote of the exact same name, so be sure to check for the Lo & Sons webpage.
  • I’m extremely obsessed with this khaki Catalina Weekender bag from the site.


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Disclaimer: I received a tote from Lo & Sons to review, but I would happily spend my own money on one.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.