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    Most Luxurious Hotel Pools

    One of the most searched hotel amenities is the pool. And for good reason. The freedom to lounge by the pool all day is the height of relaxation. The more luxurious the pool, the better. You know, those pools you see floating around social media that make you go, wow! Check out some of the top luxury pools around the world.

    Golden Nugget- Las Vegas, Nevada

    Waterslide at the Tank Pool at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
    Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

    Fan of shark week? If you have ever dreamed of swimming with the sharks, this is the place to call home-base! This pool surrounds a shark tank, so that you can get up close, and personal as you swim. Yeah, this is a pool you may just want to check out in your lifetime, it’s pretty amazing.

    Marina Bay Sands- Singapore

    At 57 floors above ground, this amazing infinity pool is not for the faint of heart. Daredevils can overlook the stunning Singapore skyline while sipping cocktails as the city lights up. Can you imagine swimming here? My heart is beating fast just thinking about the getting close to the edge.

    Sheraton Waikiki- Honolulu, Hawaii

    At just a few feet above ocean level, the gorgeous view of this infinity pool will make it appears you are lounging in the ocean itself. I’d say this is one of the most amazing pools ever built. It’s well built and architecturally amazing.

    Four Seasons Safari Lodge- Serengeti, Tanzania

    The views from this pool are far rarer than the other on this list. Positioned in front of a watering hole, and the Serengeti plains, visitors can enjoy the astounding views of African wildlife while in their natural habitat! When in Tanzania, why not visit this amazing pool?

    Perivolas Luxury Santoni Hotel- Greece

    The scenery from this infinity pool is simply breathtaking, as it overlooks the Aegean Sea. It’s not every day you get to visit a pool like this. Greece is already an amazing country to visit, add this pool in and you’ll never want to leave.

    Which pool would you want to visit first?

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