This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dr Pepper®. The opinions and text are all mine. #PickYourPepper #Walmart



Hey hey, summer is finally upon us! It’s been knocking at the Southern states doors for quite a few months with unseasonably warm weather, hatched goslings and ducklings, and a sky full of sparkling stars. But to be quite honest, it’s the fireflies lighting up the nights that make it official. Here in North Carolina our seasons are set by nature not the calendar. And as the humidity and blazing sun overtakes us, we start reaching for our cold beverages and set aside those hot lattes for the next six months. Summer is looooooongg here. And since summer is the season of fun and collaboration, I’ve partnered with Dr Pepper to help you create the absolute best in summer fun. You worked hard and you earned it!


To kick off the sunshine, I inaugurated my summer by having a reunion with some of my oldest friends. Old in friendship, not age! We did a throwback to summer breaks of our past, stocked up on supplies at Walmart (a 12 pack of Dr Pepper and beef jerky) and jumped in the car. The open road was our path to freedom. We spent some time in my current home state of North Carolina, traveled through the Blue Ridge Parkway, Smoky Mountains and the Tennessee foothills and spent a day learning civil rights history in Memphis.


Along the way, we made a few new friends. I handed out a few cool Dr Peppers to some thirsty looking lads on mopeds in search of a cool beverage at a closed gas station in the middle of nowhere. They were kind and fun as we cracked open a Dr Pepper and talked about our journeys. I guess it really is possible to bridge two worlds with a carbonated drink. Provided that drink is one we all love… like Dr Pepper.  We had a blast riding around unfamiliar areas and sipping on sodas as we chatted and sang much too loudly to Taylor Swift.


Even if you aren’t keen to get on the road and drive ten long hours like I did, you’ve got to get out there and do something fun this summer. So, pack your cooler and check a few ways to enjoy your favorite season with some of the best people you know. It’s the summer of no regrets. So grab a cold one (Dr Pepper, that is) and raise a can to the summery-ist summer you’ve ever summered!

Now to the good stuff!

Dr Pepper wants to help you hype up those summer months with some sweet, summer swag. When you buy any Dr Pepper at Walmart from 6/15-8/15 this summer, you can upload your receipt, at get the prize featured in my blog here and/or other prizes like:


☆Spend $5, get a unicorn beverage holder inflatable


☆Spend $10, get a Walmart e-Gift Card worth $5


☆Spend $20, get a 6 pack can/bottle holder with ice pack


☆Spend $40, get a Dr Pepper bottle shaped pool float


The best prize of all is that you get a refrigerator full of Dr Pepper and that makes your house the coolest one on the block.



Need more ideas for the summer? Try these:

•Ditch your cellphone for the day and play telephone with your empty Dr Pepper cans

•Grab a 12 pack Dr Pepper and meet 11 strangers for an impromptu soda party

•Toast ever lasting friendships

•Take a moment to enjoy nature.

•Have a summer Friendsgiving and make a meal featuring Miques Dr Pepper Chicken


•Bring a case of Dr Pepper as a gift to a wedding, because it’s one of the things they’ll really use. Wait at home for thank you card

•Have viewing party of Netflix

•Have an all-day, all-night chick flick PJ movie day with friends. Take a sip of Dr Pepper every time someone cries or breaks up.

•The Beach, yo!!

•Make a Dr Pepper wreath for your door to let people know where the good times are

•Lock the door and binge watch Kimmy Schmidt or Master of None while refusing to share your Dr Pepper

•Visit the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas

•Replace your hot coffee with a cold Dr Pepper and put a little more pep in the step before work

•Buy two bottles in the airport and give one to your seat mate so they’ll be too busy drinking to hog the arm rest

•Set up a Dr Pepper stand to rival the lemonade stand across the street

•Bonfire, s’mores and Dr Pepper

•Bake a chocolate cake and replace the water with Dr Pepper so the 23 flavors make you look like a baker extraordinaire

•Write a love letter to the marketing department at Dr Pepper and include your address and the times that you accept packages. (Let me know if this works!)

•Buy a large Dr Pepper for the person behind you at the drive thru and make their day.


Where will you spend the summer with your new Dr Pepper swag? I’m planning to score the pool float before we visit Lake Lanier and Wilmington beaches!


If you’re in the Southeast this summer, check here for updates of my travels. If we cross paths, we can meet up and take a Dr Pepper break. On me!