I mostly like music for music’s sake. As long as I can listen to it, I’m alright. No matter how crappy it may be at times, if I can find a decent bassline that I can dance to, it’s all good. I’m really a sucker for words, however. Hence, my Buckley obsession. I love the depth and emotion that he puts into single line. I think my first thoughts on Grace were ” God, this man is beautiful.” I’m positive I cried. I think that album made me a better person, if that makes any sense. It was a gateway to artists like the Smiths, Leonard Cohen, The Pretenders, Ani Difranco, etc. I’m always looking for new places to listen to him. This past summer I listened to “New Years Prayer” on a cliff on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. His Chicago performances chill my blood…in a good way. No matter how many times I watch, I alway feel the blood drain from my face. I haven’t heard anything like it since. I hope real music makes a comeback soon.