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    What City Should You Actually Live In?

    Living in a constant state of wanderlust make settling in on location a task. Finding the one place that speaks to your soul is hard work. Fortunately, the internet is full of people willing to make those tough decisions for you. Take the What City Should You Actually Live In? quiz to help you plant roots in a glamorously international way. Where will you end up? Take the Quiz   Here’s what my results revealed…   Accurate or Not? What City do…

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    This sponsored post is written in collaboration with The Ivey’s Hotel. All opinions of the stay and my experience in the hotel are my own. You want to go where everyone knows your name. I’m not exactly what one would call a celebrity. Local or otherwise. For one thing, I’m not actually from Charlotte and for another, even though I live here, I’m not technically a Charlotte blogger other than the fact that my address includes the words. From the…

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    My South with The Globalite

    The Globalite, Sonya Lai and I are hitting the road! By the time you read this, we’ll have already hit the road. I mean, I literally just posted a photo I took of her. God forbid, I do anything in a timely manner. That’s far too much organization and commitment. I work people! I didn’t quit my career for this. Plus, it nice to spend some time enjoying your travels before rushing back to the computer like a mad woman and…

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    Need a new Backpack? Check out Tylt

    What do you get for someone who likes a practical gift for their birthday? That knows how to rebuild a computer and travels often? And constantly stores their stuff in your carry-ons? Their own travel bags. Especially if that person lives and dies by the computer even more than you do. While I do a bit of the tap- tap-tapping for my job day and side gigs, J literally relies on his monstrous brick of an industrious programming laptop for…

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    Amelie’s French Bakery

    Amelie’s is the first place I ever went to in Charlotte. It holds a special place in my heart as an induction to the city, as well as a cute little cafe to buy and stockpile macaroons and fruit tarts. In my world, Amelie’s gets name dropped about a half-dozen times each day. It’s no secret to the locals and visitors that this French Bistro has top no all the notch pastry desserts and a welcoming atmosphere. One of Amelies…

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